Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Would you like to order one of my knives?


I realized that I have been missing something here on my blog...

I forgot to mention that I take orders. In fact, that is how most of my customer's become my customers.

I make knives for immediate sale, and you can check out what I have available here on my blog.

But, I also take orders.

Orders take different forms.

One kind is where you see one of my knives, and decide that you have to have one just like it.

Another kind is where you see a knife that I make, and you think "If only that knife was just a bit different, I would really like that." Well, let me know what it is you would like different, I can almost always meet your need.

A third kind of order is where you have an idea, maybe one of my knife inspired you, maybe you like the style that I offer, maybe you like traditional patterns, and wonder if I can make one for you. Whatever your idea is, I would love to hear about it, so that I can make it for you.

However it happens that I can make a knife for you, please let me know, and we can work together so that I may provide you with just the knife that you are looking for.

Thank you,


  1. I really like your Blog Bob, I alway's like seeing your Knive's "Period Correct Work's of Art ! Keep up the Great Work,


  2. I'm interested in purchasing one of your trap spring knives with rawhide wrapped sheath and red trade wool border, except I would like Moose or Caribou horn scales , everything else same, and I have the caribou or moose horn that you can use. Could you please tell me how much one of the would cost and the time, specs etc? You contact me at Thank you very much, Frank