Friday, April 17, 2009

Guide to the Tracker's Forge Web....

Welcome to Tracker's Forge, the knives and tools of Robert Alderman.

I have just began to have a presence here on the web.

But, I have posted a good bit of information and images to the web.

So, I thought I might create a list of all the things that you might be interested in, if you want to know more about what I do as a knife-maker, and what I offer.

First, just to the right, you will see a list of previous posts to my blog, under the title, 'Blog Archive'. Feel free to click on any or all of them, to look around and see my other posts.

Second, I have a gallery of images at

And internal to that I have made available reading material, which are photos of articles in which I have been mentioned or featured. Of note, the images are quite large so that you can read the article if you like. And the images are rather clear, and I have closeup images of them, so that you can see the knives that I have made, previously. In no particular order, they include;
Backwoods Magazine
Blade Magazine April 1991
Blade Magazine March 1991
Blade Magazine November 1994
Knives Annual 2001
Tactical Knives January 2001
Tactical Knives November 2005

Also at that Gallery, you can see images from a show earlier this year.

And to see what I am working on right now, check out the main page.... , just remember that there are 3 pages, so click on through to see them all.

Third, while I am always taking orders, you can see what I have available for sale at BladeForums in their Makers Section, under Fixed Blade Knives for Sale. Here is a quick list of those Knives Available for Immediate Sale.

Fourth, if you would like to learn about my standard, hard use sheath, you can find that information, I have a page with that information. Tracker's Forge Standard Sheath.

Fifth, I offer Knife-Making Instruction.

Check back with me, I will have more links here...

Thank you,


  1. Really nice web-site. I'd definately like to take some knife making instruction from you. Thanks for your time; Bill Mixson......

  2. Bob, I believe I have some friends in your area, Mike & Debbie Mann. Debbie says they have setup with you at a rendezvous & that Mike has worked with you in your shop. This is Bill Mixson, Columbia, S.C.