Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hammer-In This Past Weekend

Hey Folks,

Just thought you all might like to see some images from a Hammer-In that I demonstrated at this past weekend.

Attendance was modest, but it was a beautiful spring day in Idaho, we enjoyed 3 seasons and a potluck liberally seasoned with wild game.

Ray Rantanen demonstrated different types of twists, and how he forges a knife from horseshoes and railroad spikes.

Pawnee, who hosted the Hammer-In, demonstrated tripods and H-pods for Buckskinners and Re-Enactors. He also demonstrated how he makes a period Russian Trade Ulu.

I forged knives, no surprise there, but I also took a sample of different patinas and finishes, and explained how I accomplish them. I also consumed enough coal smoke to last me the whole year.

I hope you enjoy the images....

Here I am, head down, and surprise, I am working with hot steel.

More Hot Steel... Placing My Touchmark

And here are knives, made by my most recent students.... The bottom one by Marion David Poff, you can read more at Eye On Cutlery BlogSpot. The other one is by a student who shall not be named.

Here are a couple of my belt knives...

And a few more of my knives....

And, finally, me, with my old friend, coal smoke.

Thank you for your interest in what I do, and I look forward to doing business with you.

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