Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knives Previously Sold


Just thought I would create a post of knives that I have sold previously, so that you can see them.

And in most cases, I will be happy to take an order for one or another of these knives, but please be aware that the price may have changed, for multiple possible reasons, for instance; availability of material, how many orders I have on deck, a previous desire to sell a particular knife, or simply my reluctance to make a certain knife.

Tracker's Forge Translucent Green Cow Horn Drop Point Hunter

Tracker's Forge Nessmuk, Full Tang with Elk Slab Handles

Tracker's Forge Colonial Hunter For Sale note-I can reproduce this knife, but not at this price, as I would have to Hand-Forge it, I have no more cast blanks available.

Early American Pouch Knife - 'Woodcraft' Knife

Tracker's Forge Multi Pin Fancy Hunter with PurpleHeart Scales For Sale

Tracker's Forge Rasp and File Nessmuk

Black Smith Style Knives for Sale, D Guard Cutlass and Dag

Thank you,


  1. The D-guard is really neat & I like the size of the dagger, too! Nice work, Bob.
    Bill Mixson