Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Large Heavy Golock or Trail Knife $180 w/o sheath.

17 inches overall, 11 inch blade.

Hand-Forged 1/4 inch 5160 High Carbon Steel w/ Rounded Spine and Blue Gray Finish.

Full Grain Xtra Heavy Oak Tanned Leather Handles Bonded to Tang and Secured with Copper Harness Rivets. Leather has been Stained, Sealed w/ Drying Oil like a Gunstock Finish, and finished with multiple coats of wax.

Additionally, as this is a Large Heavy Knife designed to be used at Full Swing, a extra wedge of leather is added to give the handle a flare at the butt of the knife, to keep it in your hand.

And a comparison image with the rest of the series.....


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